What does it take to successfully prototype 14 metal parts?

Ultra’s dedicated Fabrication team is currently involved in a product development project that requires 14 NEW METAL PARTS to be prototyped.  The final product is a blade sharpening device for an Outdoor Power Equipment customer that is expanding their product line.   We have successfully delivered a different model of this blade sharpening device for the […]

Why is it acceptable to modify stamping dies after production has started?

Ultra’s weekly stamping meetings focus on Quality, Innovation and Efficiency and help us identify what operations need to be improved on the stamping floor.  The improvements outlined in this blog focus on the effects of plastic coating on a stainless-steel side table for an appliance manufacturer in the 800-ton stamping press.  The plastic protects the […]

You need our New Product Introduction Process to ensure production success

It can be difficult to hand over a project to a supplier after putting in so much time and effort designing a part. Wouldn’t that be easier to do if an established process was in place ensuring confidence and success from design-to-production? Ultra offers the perfect solution with our NPI (New Product Introduction) Process which […]

Laser Prototyping a Metal Part for the Energy Industry

Ultra is manufacturing the Ratchet Arm for a growing sector of the energy industry.   This part is located on electricity-generating backpacks used by the military, disaster relief workers, hikers and students.  The movement of both the individual and the backpack creates energy for future consumption and without precision parts, like the Ratchet Arm, this system won’t […]

How does the flow of material control your metal part’s design?

The tray shown below is an integral part of the deaerator process for Ultra’s newest customer.  Multiple trays are located inside a tank where water drips down from tray to tray at a set rate.  As seen in the picture, “an island” is located between the slots and the customer designed it this way to […]

It’s true! Redesigned metal parts delivered without building a new tooling die

Ultra currently produces various fuel filler cups for a motorcycle manufacturer. New SAE standards required changing the inside diameter of the inner threads. These threads hold the gas nozzle in place during fueling.  SAE standards ensure parts are safe, consistent, compatible and effective. Working with the customer we established four facets to focus on to […]

Customized gauges establish design and quality standards for metal stamped parts

Take a step into our designated Quality Area and you will find Larry, Ultra’s Layout Inspector, hard at work performing various quality tests with manual instruments or with technology-based equipment. This precision work establishes and maintains that parts are stamped to meet their design print every production run. Here is a Belt Guide in the […]

Get your metal part stamped in Ultra’s new servo press!

The Minster Servo FX2-300 provides new opportunities to experience cost-savings for producing your metal stamped part.  This short tutorial features our trusted operators, expertly trained on this servo press and in the classroom, detailing the advantages to this technology-based stamping equipment.   And seeing is believing…check out these quality parts produced in this new Minster […]

How does a progressive tooling die deliver cost-savings?

Are you looking for ways to cut costs on a current part?  But don’t want to risk the quality?  Jumping from one ineffective cost-saving method to the next can be time-consuming and adds inconsistency into the production cycle. Progressive dies build a solid foundation for long-term and continuous cost-savings.   These dies can deliver complex […]

Costs of removing stamping burrs

In the world of metal stamping, burrs and sharp edges are often interchangeable. Whenever sheet metal is cut the characteristics of the cut edges are the same. They will exhibit a roll-over, cut band, a break band and a burr. There are tooling techniques that can eliminate the burr, but for now let’s set that […]

Equipment Addition 2017

We are excited to announce a new addition on the plant floor…the FEELER FV-2214 Double Column Bridge Mill. We wanted to expand our manufacturing abilities and the unsurpassed performance and value of a FEELER machine along with their rigorous quality control made it an easy decision. “The main structural component of our FEELER mills are manufactured […]