Slim down assembly costs with progressive dies

Do you keep looking for ways to cut costs on a current part?  And don’t want to risk the quality?  Jumping from one ineffective cost-saving method to the next can be time consuming and adds inconsistency into the production cycle. Progressive dies build a solid foundation for long-term, consistent cost savings.   These dies can […]

Supplier Sweet Spot

Selecting a supplier involves following a set of factors with cost and delivery often being the biggest influencers. Take the time to refocus your attention on the specifications of your part and you may discover your factors need to be reprioritized. It is crucial to align your parts’ features with the capabilities of a specific […]


Starting in June Ultra Tool & Manufacturing will be entering a new era in metal forming with the installation of a NEW Minster Servo FX2-300. This servo press features programmable stroke control for maximum manufacturing flexibility. Minster’s FX2 Servo features unique liquid cooling technology leading to a longer motor life and less heat transfer to the press […]


On October 6th we welcomed local high school students to our facility for National Manufacturing Day. We presented information on the skills and qualities required for a variety of jobs at Ultra. An interactive tour of the plant followed with stops in Tool & Die, Metal Stamping, Value-Added, Fabrication and Design. Technical college representatives and Ultra apprentices […]

Costs of removing stamping burrs

In the world of metal stamping, burrs and sharp edges are often interchangeable. Whenever sheet metal is cut the characteristics of the cut edges are the same.   They will exhibit a roll-over, cut band, a break band and a burr.  There are tooling techniques that can eliminate the burr, but for now let’s set that […]


We are excited to announce a new addition on the plant floor…the FEELER FV-2214 Double Column Bridge Mill. We wanted to expand our manufacturing abilities and the unsurpassed performance and value of a FEELER machine along with their rigorous quality control made it an easy decision. “The main structural component of our FEELER mills are manufactured […]