Metal Fabrication providing innovation to the Energy Industry

Ultra is manufacturing the Ratchet Arm for a growing sector of the energy industry.   This part is located on electricity-generating backpacks used by warfighters, disaster relief workers, hikers and students.   It is the movement of both the individual and the backpack that creates energy for future consumption. MANUFACTURING PLAN: Utilize laser cutting to manufacture this ratchet […]

Recharge your battery knowledge at The Battery Show – North America 2019

It is estimated that Americans purchase nearly 3 billion batteries each year. The first cell phone battery only lasted for 20 minutes before the battery died. Fairbanks, Alaska has the world’s largest rechargeable battery to power the whole city during an outage. These are just a few interesting facts from the ever-changing and expanding battery […]

Maintaining costs and performance standards in the stamping press with a redesign

Ultra currently produces various fuel filler cups for a motorcycle manufacturer. New SAE standards required changing the inside diameter of the inner threads. These threads hold the gas nozzle in place during fueling.  SAE standards ensure parts are safe, consistent, compatible and effective. Working with the customer we established four facets to focus on to […]

Slim down assembly costs with progressive dies

Do you keep looking for ways to cut costs on a current part?  And don’t want to risk the quality?  Jumping from one ineffective cost-saving method to the next can be time consuming and adds inconsistency into the production cycle. Progressive dies build a solid foundation for long-term, consistent cost savings.   These dies can […]

Supplier Sweet Spot

Selecting a supplier involves following a set of factors with cost and delivery often being the biggest influencers. Take the time to refocus your attention on the specifications of your part and you may discover your factors need to be reprioritized. It is crucial to align your parts’ features with the capabilities of a specific […]


Starting in June Ultra Tool & Manufacturing will be entering a new era in metal forming with the installation of a NEW Minster Servo FX2-300. This servo press features programmable stroke control for maximum manufacturing flexibility. Minster’s FX2 Servo features unique liquid cooling technology leading to a longer motor life and less heat transfer to the press […]