Achieving repeatability and quality standards for your deep-drawn metal stamped parts

Deep-drawing metal stamped parts starts with extensive die design experience and an in-depth understanding of the compositions for various materials. Then Ultra successfully aligns our stamping press equipment, 45-ton to 800-tons, to consistently deliver defect-free metal parts.

Correctly forming a concave shape that measures greater than the actual diameter of the metal part’s opening is the biggest challenge when deep-drawing. Deep-drawing needs the material to flow smoothly in the progressive stamping die to form correctly, but this operation also creates friction which can then cause the material to not flow properly. And the material can’t stretch too thin during deep-drawing and comprise the strength of the metal part. This is when Ultra’s Die Designers with 20 years of manufacturing experience and a thorough understanding of how influential material is during this process are a key advantage for your project. They establish a manufacturing process that produces a strong and durable hollowed vessel that will continuously maintain its shape.

Deep drawing a metal component has various benefits:

  1. Strong with its one-piece construction
  2. No assembly required
  3. Lower tooling costs
  4. Repeatability and accuracy
  5. Ability to manufacture high-volume metal parts consistently
  6. Ideal to meet water and air-tight requirements

Watch this video of deep-drawing in the 400-ton stamping press for this hydraulics metal shell.

deep-drawing metal stamped parts

The progressive stamping die in this video contains 28 progressions or stations. Trimming, forming, and even creating a flange at the bottom of this metal stamped shell are completed in 19 of these stations. The remaining nine stations remain idle as they help guide the material through the stamping press. A stamping press operates in a vertical motion. However, the use of CAMS throughout the progressive die allows horizontal operations to be performed as well as work that needs to be done at an angle to achieve designed features.

And here are a few other metal stamped parts we manufacture that require deep drawing to achieve their final design.

deep-drawing metal stamped parts

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