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Precision Metal Stamping Advantages of Precision Metal Stampings with Ultra Tool & Manufacturing

Precision metal stamping provides an efficient way to process sheet metal in coils, strips, or blanks into parts using dies and extremely accurate stampings. Learn the benefits of precision metal stamping for your high-volume production runs. If you work in the following industries, you probably rely on precision metal stampings to create the parts you […]

Achieving repeatability and quality standards for your deep-drawn metal stamped parts

Deep-drawing metal stamped parts starts with extensive die design experience and an in-depth understanding of the compositions for various materials. Then Ultra successfully aligns our stamping press equipment, 45-ton to 800-tons, to consistently deliver defect-free metal parts. Correctly forming a concave shape that measures greater than the actual diameter of the metal part’s opening is […]

inspecting metal parts with quality gauges Finishing metal stamped parts with high-quality, precision secondary operations

It takes more than a stamping press to produce your metal stamped parts. Secondary operations are critical to delivering parts to spec. These finishing operations further enhance the performance, strength, durability, and appearance of stamped metal parts. This video highlights the comprehensive services we provide in-house to successfully finish your metal components.   What about […]

What coating will protect your metal stamped part?

Designing a metal part is a detailed and multi-faceted project that is often driven by time and budget constraints. As you finalize every tolerance, angle, and design feature remember to also select the proper finish for your metal component. You likely do not have the time to completely research the pros and cons of the […]

Experience cost-savings before production begins for your stamped metal parts

A Global Electrical Manufacturer required a metal part be stamped utilizing two different materials; galvanized steel and stainless steel. Obviously, these materials have their own distinct properties so they react differently when pressure is applied in the stamping press. One option is to design and build a progressive stamping die for the galvanized steel version […]

Supplying design-to-production expertise for your metal part

Consistency and quality are terms repeated over and over in manufacturing for good reason. They are key factors in achieving cost, performance, and delivery goals for your metal part. And utilizing various suppliers throughout the manufacturing process introduces variability that can negatively impact consistency and quality. Experience higher levels of consistency and quality with Ultra’s […]

Reducing costs and lead times for a metal stamped part with in-die assembly

This two-piece metal part, a decomp, is an engine component in power equipment. What two production initiatives reduced production costs and lead times? Moved the shaft component that was originally manufactured as a sintered metal piece to a cold-headed piece with a pre-certified supplier selected by Ultra. This produces the shaft more quickly and at […]

How to sustain quality tapping operations in metal stamping?

This adjuster plate is utilized in industrial operations and it needs to be “in spec” to operate correctly.  A key feature of this plate’s design is its nine tapped holes. This makes it more challenging to establish a tapping operation that consistently delivers precision and repeatability.   Ultra utilized the services of a pre-qualified supplier […]

Why is National Manufacturing Month important to recognize?

October is National Manufacturing Month and it was established in 2012. That is only eight years ago for an industry that has been part of America’s economy for hundreds of years. History reports that in 1790 Samuel Slater opened the first factory for textile manufacturing in the United States. And now in 2020, we have […]

Producing five different metal parts with one stamping die

One of our experienced Die Designers developed innovative and interchangeable die components in a single progressive die to establish precision stamping operations for an appliance manufacturer. This production process focused on both feasibility and flexibility. It has required modifications to both the die’s design and features of the customer’s stainless-steel side tables to establish the […]

stainless steel for metal stamping Helping you identify the material needs for your metal part

Repeat this to yourself because it should be a critical factor in the design process of your metal part. Take a proactive approach to material selection with Ultra on your next project and minimize delays, costs, and stress. In this blog, we will only address a single aspect of selecting the right material since it […]

Strengthen and stabilize your supply chain with a U.S. supplier

Ultra is proud to be a supplier to manufacturers throughout the United States. Manufacturing is critical to our country’s economy and for more than 50 years Ultra has been striving to grow and improve our capabilities. We provide a more secure, established, and responsive supply chain with hard-working Midwest employees ready to do their best […]