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Metal Stamping

Establishing a strong, one-piece stamped aluminum frame

In-die assembly for metal stamping operation

Servo press increases the precision and speed of metal stamping operations

Ultra Tool & Mfg Metal Stamping Services

Metal stamping a highly cosmetic part in the servo press

Metal stamping metal enclosures on the 800-ton press

Metal stamping a head cover for Honda Power Equipment

Metal Stamping a Metal Component for Fitness Equipment

Metal stamping stainless-steel parts with a plastic coating

Metal stamping a high-volume motorcycle footboard

Metal stamping a part with holes that are smaller than the material's thickness

Metal Stamping High-Volume Hydraulic Parts with a Servo Press

Metal Stamping a Stainless Steel Appliance Part

Metal Stamping Zinc-Plated Engine Component

Metal Stamping a Deep Drawn Metal Part

Tool & Die

Ultra Tool & Manufacturing Die Design Services.
Ultra Tool & Mfg Tool & Die Services.

CNC Equipment quickly builds accurate and long-lasting die components.

Detailed CNC operations locate and measure the center for drilled holes.

Metal Fabrication

Ultra Tool & Manufacturing Laser Cutting and Metal Bending Services.

Prototyping a Stainless-Steel Industrial Deaerator Part.

Laser Cutting of Metal Component for Power Equipment.

Metal Bending an Assembly Component at the Press Brake.


Measuring Metal Parts with Automated Technology.

Performing Automated Quality Measurements on a Metal Part.

3D Printer quickly produces quality manufacturing fixtures and gauges.

Sensor Technology Controls and Improves Metal Stamping Operations.

Verifying the features and weight of a metal part with automation.

Secondary Operations

Tapping Holes in Copper Electrical Parts with a Robodrill.

Robotic Welding on Metal Stamped Parts.

About Us

Wisconsin Manufacturer Metal Stamping, Tool & Die , Metal Fabrication and Secondary Operations.