How a quality supplier is laser marking metal stamped parts?

Our customer, a Global Industrial Automation Manufacturer, utilizes metal parts for applications they design and produce. They are looking to improve the traceability of aluminum base plates Ultra metal stamps as they arrive at various manufacturing facilities with barcodes and other text. Laser marking is an efficient and effective way to meet this customer’s newest […]

How a Capability Study Verifies your Metal Part is Ready for Production

For Ultra’s capability studies, we inspect a series of parts for specific dimensions and then do a statistical analysis on the readings to determine if the manufacturing process is stable enough to hold the dimensions within spec consistently.  The standard practice is to perform capability studies on 30 pieces, but there are variations if this […]

New Product Introduction process ensures success for your metal part

It can be difficult to hand over a project to a supplier after putting in so much time and effort designing a part. Wouldn’t that be easier to do if an established process was in place ensuring confidence and success from design-to-production? Ultra offers the perfect solution with our NPI (New Product Introduction) Process which […]