Finishing metal stamped parts with high-quality, precision secondary operations

It takes more than a stamping press to produce your metal stamped parts. Secondary operations are critical to delivering parts to spec. These finishing operations further enhance the performance, strength, durability, and appearance of stamped metal parts. This video highlights the comprehensive services we provide in-house to successfully finish your metal components.


What about plating, coating, painting, heat treating, and deburring? 

Ultra utilizes proven suppliers that adhere to our stringent quality and delivery standards including ISO:9001 certification.

Alleviate the hassle of evaluating, selecting, and managing numerous suppliers to complete your metal parts and utilize Ultra – a full-service supplier.  We can meet all of your metal forming needs…

  1. Die Design – We create a manufacturing operation utilizing a progressive stamping die to deliver the physical features of your metal part.
  2. Tool & Die – Build precision, high-quality die components with our Wire EDM and CNC machines.
  3. Metal Stamping – With 13 presses from 45-800 tons we have the capacity to metal stamp parts of varying sizes and production quantities.
  4. Metal Fabrication – Achieving tight tolerances, bends, and precision cuts for low-volume production and prototyping with dedicated employees and established manufacturing equipment.

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