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How to attain precision metal components for your production tooling?

Take the time to focus on and learn about the CNC capabilities of your tooling supplier. Or even better utilize Ultra, an all-inclusive supplier, that provides design-to-delivery services for greater consistency, quality, and shorter lead times. A Hydraulic Seals Manufacturer saw first-hand Ultra’s CNC capabilities after a tour of our facility earlier this year. Their […]

Maintaining design and weight requirements for your metal part

Persistent, detailed prototyping and a collaborative relationship with a premier motorcycle manufacturer delivered a high-quality, “in spec”, and durable aluminum solenoid bracket that is ready for full production. And that just didn’t happen overnight, it took a few months of diligent designing, building, prototyping, and testing to produce the “right” progressive stamping die. As an […]

How a quality supplier is laser marking metal stamped parts?

Our customer, a Global Industrial Automation Manufacturer, utilizes metal parts for applications they design and produce. They are looking to improve the traceability of aluminum base plates Ultra metal stamps as they arrive at various manufacturing facilities with barcodes and other text. Laser marking is an efficient and effective way to meet this customer’s newest […]

What is the right finish for your metal stamped part?

You are working hard to design every dimension and feature of your metal part so that it operates as required.  Before you proceed, here is a helpful reminder from our Estimating Team with more than 50 years of combined manufacturing experience. Remember to include in your design plans the appropriate metal finish that meets your […]

How a Capability Study Verifies your Metal Part is Ready for Production

For Ultra’s capability studies, we inspect a series of parts for specific dimensions and then do a statistical analysis on the readings to determine if the manufacturing process is stable enough to hold the dimensions within spec consistently.  The standard practice is to perform capability studies on 30 pieces, but there are variations if this […]

Get your metal part stamped in Ultra’s new servo press What technology in a metal stamping die improves production?

Sensor technology is utilized in every metal stamping die that we design and build for OEM’s and for production completed in one of Ultra’s 13 stamping presses. Sensors protect the stamping die and ensure its functioning properly during operation, and during set-up and removal of the die in the stamping press.  This technology establishes a […]

Machined open the dowel block and install replaceable inserts with dowel holes How strong and reliable is your production tooling?

Without reliable, high-quality and robust tooling on your production line, you will experience delays, minor damages and eventually shutdown. Select a tooling supplier that is focused on innovation and quality to establish robust production operations.  Ultra does exactly this and as an added bonus we have more than 50 years of experience designing and building […]

minimize production downtime Discover how to minimize production downtime when your metal stamping die is damaged.

You need to have a plan for servicing damaged metal stamping dies and for replacing those that cannot be repaired.  It takes significant time to choose a tooling supplier and you could be comprising your entire production process with a quick selection. Ultra has designed and built multiple stamping dies for an Industrial Heating Manufacturer […]

Experienced Toolmakers and apprentices working together to deliver higher quality stamping dies Its been 51 years of manufacturing for Ultra Tool & Manufacturing. We must be doing something right!

The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein This statement rings true as Ultra recognizes its 51st year in operation this month. It means for more than half a century, our leaders and employees have been open-minded to technology, new industry practices and the changing needs of customers. Ultra began as a Tool & […]

Sensor technology improves production rates and ensures operations are meeting quality standards Improving a Manufacturing Process with Sensor-Driven Technology

 This video highlights a manufacturing process improved at our Minster 300-ton stamping press utilizing sensor technology that was designed and built by our Automation Technician, Andrew. The press operators identified an opportunity to increase production rates for these metal head covers from 30 strokes a minute to 35 strokes a minute.  The primary roadblock […]

CNC machine tapping 19 holes in each chassis metal part Improving Production Standards in a Robodrill Requires Innovation

The first-hand experiences of our Robodrill operators initiated an innovative effort that increased production rates, improved precision and established better repeatability for the tapping operation of this Industrial Automation metal part.   We were using a fixture that allowed only ONE of these metal parts to be placed in the Robodrill at a time. Additionally, […]

Digital Prototype Production Intent Prototyping: Give your metal part what it deserves.

It is rewarding to look and feel a prototype in your hand and know that it matches your part print, but… Is that all you want in your prototype? The answer is no.  You need to confidently know the production process for your metal part is well-established, strong and adaptable to meet future output demands. […]