New Faces at Ultra Tool

We’re excited to introduce three new faces at Ultra Tool!

Carla Schmidt, Chief Financial Officer


Carla Schmit has replaced our long-time Director of Finance, Marty Kuphall, who retired last year. Carla is a CPA with a wealth of knowledge and experience from a variety of companies, both public and private.

Adoption of a new management system, EOS or Entrepreneurial Operating System, resulted in a restructuring of the organization and the hiring of Todd Lutz and Matt Price.

Todd Lutz, Director of Engineering 


Todd, who comes from the construction equipment industry, oversees all processes required to introduce new parts: engineering, estimating, die design, quality engineering, and tool build.

Matt Price, Director of Operations


Matt has experience in the Aerospace and Military industries and directs the operation areas: stamping, fabrication, value added, and shipping.

Welcome, Carla, Todd, and Matt!

Traction Toward a Vision

ultratool-tractionUltra Tool has adopted a new company-wide management system known as Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS. EOS simplifies and systemizes how to run a business by focusing efforts on six key components: Vision, People, Processes, Data, Issues and Traction.

In mid-2016, Ultra Tool’s Leadership Team was looking for a way to generate the next wave of growth. Around the same time, Terry Hansen, President, was introduced to the book Traction by Gino Wickman about EOS – a practical method for strengthening a business. After sharing the book and EOS model with the Leadership team, a decision was made to implement EOS at Ultra Tool.

The most impactful EOS tool thus far has been the Accountability Chart, which restructured the organization by accountability and responsibility. This has resulted in a constructive change in our Sales and Marketing efforts and the creation of an Engineering Department. One especially exciting outcome is a renewed focus of our new part introduction process to improve on-time delivery and reduce cost.

The ultimate goal behind EOS is to improve the performance of the company door to door, resulting in traction toward our vision.  “It’s been an exciting journey,” said Hansen. “There’s a real sense of where we are going and how we are going to get there.”

While there is no end to the continuous improvement journey for Ultra, EOS is the next step in our pursuit of excellence.