Fitness Industry Metal Stamping Case Study

Sustaining Production and Cosmetic Standards

The sheer length, 31 ½ inches, and weight, 54 pounds, were key factors in the customer selecting Ultra as the supplier of their ramp part. Our 800-ton stamping press combined with our secondary, high-quality services proved Ultra could completely handle the ramp’s production all at ONE facility.
The ramp is manufactured on a progressive die that includes only ONE forming station to complete that stage of production. And we designed this forming station to include five different operations to be performed in ONE single hit. The edges, top, sides, lips are being formed along with coining on the top of the ramp. This specific station is made of bronze material because it better protects the cosmetic integrity of the ramp. Another key component to this production was locating and maintaining material with protective coating to meet the customer’s cosmetic standards.

The edge quality of the ramp is of critical importance as it can easily be seen by the end user. A detailed process is followed to ensure smooth edges and cosmetic standards are attained.

  • Deburring of sharp edges.
  • Polishing of edges with hand sander.
  • Washing the ramp in hot, soapy water and drying with microfiber cloth.
  • Removing the protective coating for shipping and assembly.
  1. Ready for polishing and sanding
  1. Finishing the edges
  1. Smooth edges waiting to be cleaned
  1. Waiting to be shipped.

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