Outdoor Power Equipment Metal Fabrication Case Study

Outdoor Power Equipment Metal Stamping


Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer

Magna-Matic Corporation

A recommendation from their previous supplier brought Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer’s leaders, Gerd & Erik Bauer, to Ultra’s front doors to continue production of their lawn mower blade sharpener. Quality has driven Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer since its foundation in the 1950’s; however, controlling manufacturing costs was becoming a bigger concern for the owners.

Gerd Bauer and Erik Bauer next to their Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener with its balancer and dust collector.

Gerd Bauer, left and Erik Bauer, right are next to their Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener with its balancer and dust collector.

Cooperative Manufacturing Process

Ultra’s process began with a collaborative design analysis of Magna-Matic’s product line part by part. As a small business they have put in substantial time and effort to fully understand every detail of their product. This created an open exchange of ideas for manufacturing the most cost-effective parts.

“Ultra helps look at what can be changed to make it easier to manufacture. And that leads to quicker turnarounds and lower costs.” -Erik

It is encouraging that Gerd identified Ultra as a design partner. He said,

“A lot of places don’t question the print, they just do it. Nice to have a back and forth relationship.”

Magna-Matic recognized that Ultra brought an in-depth understanding of the tooling and processes related to their designed features that they didn’t necessarily possess.

"Manage costs together and not what we can get from you."