Delivering Production and Cosmetic Standards Case Study

Major Appliance Manufacturer
Side Tables

Manufacturing Issue

  1. The sheer size to stamp this part was causing production issues at the customer's manufacturing facility.
  2. An unacceptable amount of resources were allocated to produce this side table at the required quantities.
  3. Apprehension about locating a supplier that could meet their strict cosmetic standards.

Customer’s Goal

Select a tooling shop that could design and build a die of this magnitude. Select a stamping manufacturer with the capability and capacity to produce these larger, highly cosmetic side tables.

Design Process

The first part of this project involved designing and building a die equipped with durable components and accurate in-die sensors to handle stamping the side tables.

The hemmed and boxed design of the side tables made it a more complex part. Ultra’s design team created a 144-inch progressive die with multiple stations. The design process directed the press to first cut the metal, second form it and finally push it off the die at a productive speed.

A key component to maintaining the customer's high cosmetic standards was locating a steel supplier that could provide plastic coating on one-side within a specified thickness. The cosmetic standards were also met by utilizing our facility’s dust collection system to pick up plastic and metal shavings throughout production.


Customer Outcome

Ultra was able to meet all the customer’s goals with our all-inclusive services; Design, Die Building and Stamping. The customer didn’t have to spend significant time locating separate suppliers for each service they needed.

Cosmetic standards were met for the side tables and maintained the overall appearance requirements for the final product.


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