Delivering Repeatability & Cost-Savings Case Study

Automotive Manufacturer

Manufacturing Issues

  1. The process to manufacture the shaft piece of this part was too costly and complex.
  2. The assembly costs were rising to an unacceptable level.

Customer’s Goal

Reduce the manufacturing costs of the shaft piece.

Minimize the assembly costs utilizing a more efficient method that meets quality and design standards.

Redesign Process

Ultra conducted an in-depth analysis of the customer’s current manufacturing process for the shaft piece. It was being produced as a sintered metal piece and heat treating to attain the shaft’s form was time consuming and expensive.

We made the recommendation to manufacture the shaft as a cold headed piece going forward. This process would produce the shaft more quickly and at a significantly lower cost. The strength of the shaft would be increased and eliminate fracturing issues during assembly.

Ultra designed and built a cost-effective progressive die that performed two different functions. First, the die had to stamp the lever piece AND second, the shaft and lever pieces needed to be assembled. The bowl feeders on the press were crucial in orienting and feeding the shafts into the progressive die.

Customer Outcome

Experienced a 90% decrease in the cost of the shaft piece.

The need for secondary operations was eliminated with this streamlined assembly process in the stamping press.


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