Case Study: Die Maintenance Services

A Security Systems Manufacturer was finding it difficult to perform scheduled preventative maintenance on its metal stamping dies for two main reasons.

  1. Decreasing workforce
  2. Increasing inventory of dies

This was leading to a decline in the precision and quality of service being performed on their stamping dies. Their plan was to locate a tool & die shop that could successfully handle the quantity and diversity of their stamping dies for regular preventative maintenance and unexpected service issues.  With 50 years of die building experience, five Toolmakers solely dedicated to Die Maintenance and the support of a full-service Tool Room this Security Systems Manufacturer selected Ultra to service their stamping dies.


Preventative maintenance is based on a determined amount of strokes on the stamping die; and when that is met this customer contacts Ultra and we pick up the die(s) at their facility.
Ultra's Maintenance includes services that are standard on all dies as well as customized services based on a die’s size and complexity. The services shown below outline only a portion of the work we perform for standard die maintenance services.

Die Maintenance Service
  • Clean the tool
  • Inspect all components for wear and damage (cutting, forms, strippers, pilots, etc.)
    • Dull components are sharpened and shimmed back to the correct heights.
    • Forms are polished.
    • Forms and components that are worn or can no longer be repaired to their original state are changed out
  • Dies with nitrogen springs are checked for pressures and if needed they are drained and refilled.

Reassembling a stamping die in the correct manner is of critical importance to return to high-quality and consistent production. Clearances are also re-checked to ensure there will be no issues once metal stamping resumes at their manufacturing facility.

The length of the die and the number of components determine the repair time.  Standard turnarounds have been set with this customer to keep their production running as scheduled.  Modifications can be made when production emergencies arise; such as unexpected breakdowns and rush orders.  For example, we were able to return a serviced stamping die back to their manufacturing facility within two days.

Customer Outcome

Ultra set up a service schedule that allows the customer to maintain their production schedule with limited interruption.
Preventative services were no longer being overlooked or intentionally skipped as was previously being done by the customer. Complete preventative maintenance by Ultra improved the longevity and functionality of their stamping dies.

Small dies on average takes 8 hours to service
Large dies on average takes 20 hours to service
  • Small dies on average takes 8 hours to service.
  • Large dies on average takes 20 hours to service.
  • These times are based on dies ranging from 24” to 96” in length.