Case Study: Customizing Parts with Metal Fabrication

This customized, low-volume project successfully merged the technology of our fiber laser cutter with the hands-on work of the cut-off saw.

Ultra manufactured six different components for the customer with specific measurements and established for each.  The component pieces consisted of either a base plate or a tube.

  • The three different base plates were cut with a specific design dependent on their final position on the finished product.
  • The three tubes were cut at different lengths for correct alignment on the finished product as well.

Ultra has provided the customer with interchangeable components to arrange as different parts for use on the final product.  This is less costly when design changes occur and increases flexibility as well.

Welding the base and tube together was critical to ensure the functionality and fit were attained as designed.  A customized fixture was designed and built to better stabilize the components during the welding process, resulting in greater precision and higher-quality welds.

Two parts made from the various components

An example of two parts made from the various components.

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Ultra was able to deliver a customized service plan to fit the needs of the customer.

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