Case Studies

Increasing costs and maintaining consistent accuracy were the major issues developing in Rockwell’s two-piece welded aluminum assembly frame with inserted hardware.

Produce the frame without assembly and improve overall quality and accuracy of the frame.

First, Ultra conducted a form analysis to ensure the formability of the frame would continue to meet performance requirements as a one-piece design.  This trial and error process tested various grades of aluminum in the stamping press.

Second, Ultra utilized our fiber laser to cut different strip configurations during the testing process which allowed us to fine tune the die design to eliminate wrinkles.   Our designers utilized their technical expertise during prototyping to design out potential issues in the progressive die.

Successful transition in a reasonable time period to a one-piece aluminum frame with lower costs and improved accuracy.



The process to manufacture the shaft piece of this part was increasing in cost and complexity.  The assembly costs were also rising to an unacceptable level.

Reduce the manufacturing costs of the shaft and minimize the assembly costs by utilizing more efficient processes.



Ultra conducted an in-depth analysis of the customer’s current manufacturing process for the shaft piece.  It was being produced as a sintered metal piece and the heat treating to attain the shaft’s form was time consuming and expensive.

We made the recommendation to manufacture the shaft as a cold headed piece going forward.  This process would produce the shaft more quickly and at a significantly lower cost.   Also, the strength of the shaft would be increased and fracturing issues would be eliminated during assembly.

Ultra’s goal with the assembly issue was to eliminate the need for secondary operations.  We designed and built a cost-effective progressive die that performed two different functions.  First, the die had to stamp the lever piece.  Second, the shaft and lever pieces needed to be assembled.  Bowl feeders were implemented on the press to orient and feed the shafts into the progressive die for assembly.

Click the video to watch the shafts being introduced into the stamping process.


(Before Ultra) $.50 cost for sintered shaft piece

(After Ultra) $.05 cost for cold headed shaft piece

90% decrease in cost per shaft

Eliminating secondary operations saved this manufacturer time and money.  Quicker delivery of defect free parts occurred with our streamlined manufacturing process implemented.