How to establish high-volume production for your complex metal stamped part.

You select Ultra Tool & Manufacturing as your supplier.  We utilize an innovative mindset to create a robust and feasible manufacturing process that will successfully handle increasing production quantities from year to year.

A current customer that is a Power Equipment Manufacturer brought us a new metal part, breather cover, with challenging features and a one-of-a-kind form.  This breather cover plays a key role in an engine’s performance and this requires a part high in precision, quality and durability.


The four small pierced holes labeled in the image are smaller than the actual material thickness of this metal part.  This presents a problem because the continued force of the punch going through the material for these small holes creates a higher probability of the punch breaking off or becoming off-target.  And three of these four holes are on non-flat surfaces also making the piercing operation more challenging.

As metal stamping and tooling die experts it is Ultra’s job to minimize the major issues customers are concerned about during production:  DOWNTIME AND COSTS.


Design and build a subtool for this piercing operation.  This would allow our toolmakers to efficiently and quickly remove the subtool if needed to perform repairs or adjustments in Die Maintenance; and put the subtool back in its correct location easily.  This avoids removing the entire progressive tooling die from the stamping press which involves more labor and more time.

This subtool in the die keeps the piercing operation separate; localizing the force of the punch to this specific area and avoids potential damage to the other stations of this tooling die.  This method also ensures the main tooling is positioning the die strip correctly during production as it should be during the stamping operations.



The latest production run of this part was 10,000 pieces and the subtool didn’t need to be removed to repair or adjust the punch.   This innovative and proactive stamping operation is a long-term cost-savings.

Watch this subtool in action on the Minster 100-ton Stamping Press.

We can meet your production demands too!