precision laser cuttingReal parts—not plastic simulations—are created using the wide range of truly state-of-the-art equipment we have at our facility.  In tandem with these machines, our skilled toolmakers can provide samples for design validation and testing using laser cut blanks and simple form tools.

Even if you don’t have a print we can use our Zeiss CMM to reverse engineer your part to create a drawing.
We excel at helping our customer take cost out of their product with our up-front engineering assistance. We supply input that makes your parts easier to produce while gaining the best material utilization.

From Prototype to Production

Whether simple or complex, we can carry your product from prototype all the way through to production.  Our metal fabrication experience ranges from small scale tool making to large scale production stamping.  Ultra’s renowned team of designers, toolmakers and press operators will meet your needs as you evolve from prototype to low-volume production and then into high-volume production.

Accurate & Repeatable Prototypes

Thanks to our laser’s consistent beam quality accurate and repeatable rapid prototypingwe are able to produce repeatable results, from prototype to final product.

Vital information that can save you money can be learned in a prototyping exercise.  In general, the knowledge gained as you prototype will create higher quality parts in mass production versus choosing to not prototype.

Ultra Prototype capabilities include:


  • Low volume < 100 pcs
  • Limited volume 100 – 500 pcs


  • Soft / temp tooling
  • Drawn parts
  • Single hit tools


  • Up to 15- 400 tons


  • Laser cut
  • Press Brake
  • Weld