Metal Stamping

Customer Centered Metal Stampings

15-005_52_Ultra-Tool-Manufacturing_Minster-800tUltra Tool is a metal stampings company dedicated to forming relationships that work with our customers, an approach that sets us apart from other metal stamping companies. Our Product Development Success Model emphasizes open lines of communication so that our customers are assured of the quality and progress of their metal stampings project throughout its development as shown in this case study of a project for Harley Davidson.

Flexible Contract Stamping

Ultra Tools’s contract stamping project managers and metal stamping machine operators have years of experience and expertise in a broad range of stainless steel stampings solutions. This allows us to be flexible with our time, processes, and resources in order to meet our customer’s needs and also to be innovative in our approach to project specific contract stamping solutions. (See our Fabrication Department for low volume options.)

Effective Tooling, Efficient Stamping

The keys to delivering quality steel stampings on time and at competitive prices are the metal stamping machines, tooling and processes that our skilled people use every day. Ultra Tool starts with quality equipment and applies processes that utilize our knowledge of tooling in order to build, repair, maintain and improve production efficiency. Our in-house tooling department gives us ultimate control over the design and build of our own production tooling. See how HydraForce’s stainless steel stamping project benefited from our tooling department in this case study.

Sensor Controlled Metal Stampings

Ultra Tool has made significant investments into advanced sensor technology that protects the tooling on our metal stamping machines and increases its efficiency. Our sensor program has also given us the ability to weld, tap holes, assemble parts and make measurements right in the stamping die — in real time — which reduces the need for costly secondary operations. Die protection sensors are being routinely implemented in every die we build, effectively reducing die crashes and protecting your investment. Our dedication to our sensor program has resulted in award-winning die designs and innovative manufacturing technologies, and drives our reputation amongst metal stamping companies.

Complete Stainless Steel Stampings Solutions

In addition to providing quality stainless steel stampings, Ultra Tool offers services for any stage in the lifecycle of a product’s development including prototyping, numerous assembly capabilities and warehousing solutions.

Ultra Tool’s metal stamping services include:

  • State-of-the-art press control system (sensor automation) to reduce tool downtime and eliminate defects.
  • Clean, professional, well-organized plant that follows 5S lean initiatives.
  • 12 metal stamping machines, punch presses ranging from 45 to 800 ton capacity.
  • The capacity to handle volumes that range from 10,000 into the millions. (See our Fabrication Department for lower volumes)
  • Equipment needed for progressive dies as well as secondary tooling.
  • Programs in place to measure and improve die set-up and down time, with a focus on set-up time reduction.
  • Full service in-house tool maintenance.
  • Project management, so parts are produced efficiently, with an eye to quality.
  • The ability to produce prototypes and conduct R&D testing.
  • Extensive range of value-added operations that are customizable to part and customer needs.

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