Metal Fabrication

15-005_16_Ultra-Tool-Manufacturing_SalvagniniPremier Metal Cutting Machine

Ultra Tool’s fiber laser cutting technology makes the sheet metal fabrication process accurate, flexible, and cost effective. Unlike standard CO2 metal cutting machines, there is no resonator to service and only one mirror so it requires less maintenance. In addition, laser cutting runs off of less power and doesn’t require laser gases, lowering its operating costs. It costs less to run, allowing us to provide cost-effective prototypes and quote sheet metal forming jobs at lower prices than parts stamped on typical metal cutting machines. Find out more about our laser cutting technology and sheet metal forming press brake in our equipment specs.

Metalforming Experts

Our laser cutting machine is run by experienced fabrication toolmakers that bring technical metalforming knowledge and problem solving skills to the development of every sheet metal fabrication solution. In addition, our Fabrication Department is backed up by a full service tool room allowing us to provide a broader array of part types. If your metalforming project requires complex 3D parts we can make them in house with short lead times.

Versatile Sheet Fabrication

Our precision sheet metal fabrication technology allows us to provide sheet metal forming solutions for prototypes and low volume metalforming parts in a variety of materials and thicknesses, all while maintaining quality and consistency. We can cut all metals – copper, brass, aluminum, steel and stainless – and the laser’s consistent beam quality means repeatable results from prototype to product.

Quality Driven Metal Cutting

Precision sheet metal fabrication solutions are driven by quality and communication, the key components of our Product Development Success Model. Our laser cutting machine and press brake operators adhere to the same quality management system we use for metalforming projects in our Stamping Department and the ISO quality standards we rigorously apply to everything we do. All sheet fabrication projects are designated a project manager to monitor and communicate project goals and quality documentation both internally and with the customer.

Repeatable Prototypes, Accurate Metal Forming

Simple or complex, we can carry your product all the way from prototype to sheet fabrication. Company-wide, our sheet metal forming experience ranges from tool making to large scale production stamping. We can grow with your metalforming project from prototype to low volume production and even smoothly transition into high volume with our renowned team of designers, toolmakers and press operators.

Ultra Tool’s fabrication services include:

  • Low volume metalforming production
  • Seamless transition to high volume metalforming production if needed
  • Flexible sheet fabrication production – that is, just what you need, when you need it
  • Rapid turnaround prototypes and production
  • R & D prototypes
  • Accurate, repeatable prototypes
  • High-performance CNC press brake
  • Trained press brake and cutting machine operators
  • High-speed laser cutting machine
  • Advanced fiber laser cutting technology for accuracy, flexibility and value
  • Value-added capabilities including tapping, machining, welding, assemble, plating and painting
  • Support from a full-service tool room
  • The ability to cut material thicknesses up to .700” for steel, .250” for stainless, and .196” for aluminum, brass and copper

Learn more about fiber laser cutting technology in this article from the July 2010 issue of The Fabricator magazine. Read Article

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