Tool & Die Design Services

Trusted custom tooal and die fabrication in Wisconsin

Part of our Tool & Die Department.

Over 30 years of stamping knowledge goes into the design and build of our contract tooling. Steps away from our metal stamping department, our tool and die department constantly interacts with the production tooling they build and the people that operate it.

Every designer and toolmaker in our tool and die department has the education and experience needed to make high quality production tooling for accurate sheet metal prototypes. We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle complex progressive dies as well as simpler contract tooling.


Tool & Die Servies We Offer
Cut off
Compound operations
Progressive die
Pancake die
Transfer die
Side cam die
Compound die
automotive muffler shield

An automotive muffler shield.




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Solution oriented production tooling

Solution Orientated Production Tooling Designs

No project is too large or too small for our quality focused, solution-orientated tool and die design team. We have the capability to make blank, secondary, draw, and progressive dies, and we specialize in designing and building complex progressive dies up to 120” in length. All of our design recommendations are aimed at reducing costs, generating high quality and increasing repeatability. See how our designers solved Honda’s design problem complete with sheet metal prototypes here.

lean-operationsLean Tool & Die

Contract tooling projects are assigned a project manager that works with the customer. Upfront and ongoing communication with our customer’s engineers is an essential component of Ultra Tool’s process to make parts that are easy to manufacture and reduce waste. Backed by lean manufacturing principles our contract tooling is built with an eye towards cost reduction. Our diverse capabilities allow us to further design out costs with sheet metal prototypes and by adding sensor automation to progressive dies.