Recharge your battery knowledge at The Battery Show – North America 2019

  • It is estimated that Americans purchase nearly 3 billion batteries each year.
  • The first cell phone battery only lasted for 20 minutes before the battery died.
  • Fairbanks, Alaska has the world’s largest rechargeable battery to power the whole city during an outage.

These are just a few interesting facts from the ever-changing and expanding battery industry.  Throughout our 50-year history Ultra has acquired the technology, manufacturing expertise and design experience to be a trusted supplier of metal stamped battery components.  With the battery industry continuously focused on improvement and the latest technology it’s hard to not get excited about all the new products.   We are eager to see what’s next for batteries and demonstrate our capabilities and knowledge; so we just had to sign up to participate at The Battery Show North America.

Customized brackets, clips, and terminals designed & manufactured at Ultra.

Ultra Tool & Manufacturing will be at Booth #2718 from September 10th-12th at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI.