Fiber Laser Cutting Services

High Speed Fiber Optic Laser Technology makes the fabrication process accurate, flexible and cost effective. It allows us to quote your low volume job at a lower price than typical stamped parts because of lower operating costs, and no tooling costs. We can cut virtually any metal including aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel with great repeatability.

Programming a new part for the Salvagnnin L1X fiber laser

Low Cost Operations for Low Cost Solutions

Unlike standard CO2 metal cutting machines, our Salvagnini fiber laser cutter doesn’t need a resonator and has only one mirror, reducing maintenance costs. In addition, laser cutting requires less power and no laser gases, lowering operating costs. These advantages allow us to produce precision sheet metal fabrication products at lower prices than if stamped on typical metal cutting machines. Learn more about our technology in this article from the July 2010 issue of The Fabricator magazine.


SALVAGNINI L1XE Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Capabilities

Technical Specifications
Positioning tolerance ± 0.004″
Cutting Accuracy +/- 0.010″
Worktable 120″ x 60″
Maximum Power 3,000 Watts

Maximum Cutting Capacity (Thicknesses)
Steel 0.700″
Stainless steel 0.312″
Aluminum 0.187″
Brass 0.187″
Copper 0.187″

Amada Quatto CO2

Technical Specifications
Maximum Power 1,000 Watts
Cutting Area 48″ x 48″