Case Study: High-Volume Metal Stamping

Nearly identical metal stamped shells

The customer's production needs are 600,000 – 700,00 pieces per year for FIVE different shells having a uniform shape with slight variations in each design.
The shells shown to the left are almost identical except for the design and dimensions of their bottom lips. Previously, the customer was utilizing secondary machining to crimp the lip after stamping; and this method was expensive and extended the production time.

Ultra implemented two significant changes to this manufacturing process that reduced costs and improved production times.

First, we designed and built the crimping operations so crucial to this metal shell into their progressive stamping dies.

Second, Ultra reduced the customer's capital tooling costs by consolidating their progressive dies from FIVE to TWO. This was feasible due to the uniform shape and design of the shells.  The key to these dies was the last station. It was designed and built for easy changeover to one of five different custom stations to finish the stamping process.


More nearly identical metal stamped shells