Product Development Success Model

Product Development Success Model

Ultra Tool’s reputation for quality stamping, tooling and fabrication is due in large part to our Product Development Success Model, an exclusive system that fosters ongoing process improvement and product innovation. It identifies four key phases in the manufacturing process: planning, design, execution and improvement.

Plan. We carefully plan and coordinate each project from start to finish, communicating with our customers at every stage. By analyzing every aspect of a project at the outset, our experienced engineers can optimize efficiencies, thereby improving quality, enhancing performance and reducing costs.

Design. Our team of engineers and die designers use state of the art software to create the most reliable, robust designs. Their design recommendations are aimed at reducing costs, maximizing quality and increasing repeatability.

Execute. A mistake-proof environment and an in-house sensor program make Ultra Tool a leader in advanced manufacturing technologies. Many of our assemblies are engineered in-die, which reduces labor costs and lead times. In addition, we can apply this technology to provide in-die measurement data to adjust parts in real time, resulting in zero defects.

Improve. Ultra Tool is committed to continuous improvement and development. That’s why we review each and every project to determine how we can make good products even better. We actively update our technology to increase efficiencies, improve quality and lower costs. And we help our employees improve their skills through our in-house Training Center for Advanced Learning.