Video Gallery

This 7.5-minute video tour gives you a “live” look at the size and capabilities of Ultra Tool’s metal stamping, fabrication and production tooling operations. Owner/President Terry Hansen delivers the opening and closing segments. Dan Nelson, Vice President-Sales, takes you through the various departments with camera, lighting and crew in-tow. The tour begins in sales & engineering, and continues through key areas of the plant where you’ll see vital pieces of equipment in action. At the end of the tour you’ll get a look into Ultra Tool’s value-added processes and new fabrication equipment.


Watch a demonstration as Engineer Ken Klumb explains how a design team at Ultra Tool was able to take a two-piece welded part and make it a one-piece drawn part in a progressive die. The next challenge was to ensure 21 pieces of hardware components were in place, so the team came up with a gauge to check for the presence of all 21 pieces. Then an “OK “ is stamped into the side of the part so the customer knows the part is good.


Engineer Matt Schemelin describes how Ultra Tool produced a high volume stamping that had a second option for assembling with a second stamped part in lower volumes using a secondary TOX die. But when volumes were increased, a design team at Ultra created a stand-alone assembly machine to assemble the parts off-line in a single step, improving throughput and effectively freeing up the stamping press for other applications.


Ultra Tool & Manufacturing, Inc. of Germantown, WI completes production of the largest transfer die in company history. What makes the part unique is that we are able to produce eight different part numbers off of one transfer die with interchangeable tooling. Dan Nelson, Vice President-Sales, discusses the collaborative effort that the project required.