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Ultra Tool & Manufacturing has been a leader in manufacturing, tooling and automation for over 40 years because we deliver solutions that work. We form relationships with each of our customers to create a deep understanding of their needs then help them find better solutions for their projects.

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June, 2015 – A business-minded approach to ‘going green’

emissions chart
By analyzing its emissions activities Ultra can find opportunities in areas such as freight, weight, and energy consumption. (Climate Smart Businesses Inc. Survey of small and medium sized enterprises.)

Understanding and measuring inputs and outputs in terms of materials, time and dollars makes business sense. Understanding them in terms of environmental impact may sound like something separate, but can also have a big impact on the bottom line. When the amount of steel needed to produce a part is reduced, it improves cost and profitably and reduces environmental impact. Reducing the output of wastewater also reduces environmental impact, and lowers the need for costly recycling, improving overhead costs. Our day-in-day-out goals for reducing waste and energy costs all have a positive impact on the environment.

Working with the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, or WMEP, and participating in their “Profitable Sustainability Initiative” (PSI) we continue to innovate by measuring our overall environmental impact with the goal of achieving profitable sustainability. In order to improve upon something, you must first understand where you were to begin with. PSI has taught us how to measure our environmental impact by establishing a baseline from which to drive future improvement. This proactive approach to growth and sustainability reduces costs for our current customers and anticipates the needs of future customers.


May, 2014 – Construction of new facility is under way

Construction on the expansion of our new facility is on schedule as we broke ground in early May. Our building plans include an expanded fabrication department, additional tool building capabilities, an expanded shipping/receiving dock, improved training facilities and room to keep growing. Once complete, the new building will give us a grand total of 128,000 sq. ft of space.


April, 2014 – We're Moving!

Growth has been steady here at Ultra Tool and Manufacturing. So steady that we've outgrown our current location and are getting ready to move late this summer. Our new home will be in Germantown, WI, about 10 miles north from our current location. This move will mark our companies fifth physical expansion since 1969.


November, 2013 – Brand new 800-ton Minister press

Announcing our purchase of a brand new 800-ton press, the Minister E2-800, one of the larger bed size presses in Southeastern Wisconsin. The purchase of this press will allow us to produce more complex parts with greater precision. With a 72” X 168” bed size we will be able to produce larger parts and incorporate more stations into our die designs, resulting in lower piece part costs. The new press is scheduled to be installed and ready for production by September 2014.


August, 2013 – Ultra Employees Race to Fill Back Packs for Tri-County YMCA

Working in conjunction with the Tri-County YMCA, Ultra Tool employees conducted a 3-week School Supply Drive to collect items for the 2013-14 school year. Read more about it HERE.


January, 2013 – Ultra Featured in Design-2-Part Trade Show

At a recent Design-2-Part trade show Dan Nelson, Vice President-Sales, presents Ultra's exhibit and talks about some of Ultra's capabilities in a video interview. The video is one of 79 put together by the organization and featured on their YouTube channel "America's Best Contract Manufacturers". See the video by clicking HERE.


October, 2012 – Collaborative Effort Leads to Record Breaking Results

Ultra Tool Mfg. completed production of the largest transfer die in company history. What makes the part unique is that we’re able to produce eight different part numbers off of one transfer die with interchangeable tooling. Dan Nelson, Vice President-Sales, discusses the collaborative effort that the project required. “We had buy in and feedback all the way around and it worked out beautifully to complete this project,” he said. Watch the 90-second video by clicking HERE.

June 14, 2010 - New Software Links Departments And Streamlines Services

Ultra Tool Mfg. kicked off a substantial project to upgrade their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to Plex Online. www.plex.com. Terry Hansen, Ultra’s President states “We fully expect this software to position the company for growth by seamlessly linking all manufacturing departments and eliminating islands of information such as individual spreadsheets and standalone software.”  He added that the software and data will be hosted (SAAS) by Plex, and he expects this concept to lower IT costs by elimination of internal servers and support staffing.


December 4, 2007 - PBS Airs Segment Featuring Midwest Manufacturing

Ultra Tool & Manufacturing, located near Milwaukee, WI, was recently cited on a segment of the PBS program “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer”.

The segment was the second of a series of reports on America 's response to globalization and how U.S. manufacturers are fighting to close the cost gap with global competition.

As a metalforming supplier for Harley-Davidson, Ultra Tool and Manufacturing demonstrated how they compete globally by designing products that reduce material costs and eliminate waste. As shown in the report, a re-engineered part for Harley-Davidson eliminated costly secondary operations and reduced material costs by going from a three-piece assembly down to one.

Simulation software was also demonstrated as a successful tool in the reduction of labor costs by boosting productivity.
The complete segment is available online on the PBS web site link:

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

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